With more than 722 million members in more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is the premier social networking site for business-to-business marketing and professional networking. If your goals as a business include reaching other professionals, LinkedIn for Business is essential. 

We will break down the free features, but there is also an ads platform on LinkedIn that you can take advantage of to target specific groups of people. LinkedIn business is crucial if you primarily:

  • Market to other businesses
  • Need to hire employees
  • Want to reach other professionals as clients

Create a LinkedIn Business Page

The first step to getting started with LinkedIn for Business is creating your business profile page. This profile is where you get a chance to showcase your design and brand along with your company’s vision. For our marketing agency, we’ve used our brand colors along with our logo and the headline “Map Marketing to Sales.” 

For your cover photo, use something that brings out your logo colors and design or that helps visitors to your page feel warm and welcome. You’ll want to make sure that the image is non-pixelated and measures 1584 × 396 px.

For the ‘About’ section, you can write a paragraph about your company and how your services work. For our About statement at Whoosh Agency, we let you know we bring digital traffic to your business sites and how we get real-life results. Digital marketing is all about reaching people where their interests already lie. So producing relevant content is how we help your business grow.


You can use our marketing strategy for yourself. For example, let’s say your professional network is mostly baby boomer age, and you work in estate planning law. Posting on LinkedIn about making an estate plan or similar topics can get your client base excited about messaging you with questions or comments.

You can learn more about creating your business LinkedIn profile page and even watch video content at LinkedIn. However, before checking that out, learn how to make social posts that attract the attention of other business professionals.

Social Media Posts Build Your Brand

Making posts a couple of times a week keeps you top of mind with other professionals. As you add content to your website, ensure that your blogs and service pages get the traffic you need. For each blog or service page, add three posts with links to your pages on LinkedIn. This posting helps to build your SEO (search engine optimization). 61% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.

Posts with a well-designed image get more than twice as many views as posts without images! Your image should measure 1200 x 627 px to ensure highly visible posts. Always use professional quality images with each post. You can find free commercially licensed images at Adobe or Pixabay.

Below are two examples of our posts at Whoosh. These both link to our digital marketing service page.

social media post

Focus Your Content Creation

Social media posts that link to your service pages are crucial, but to build trust with your potential clients, you need to give them something valuable. Potential clients are looking for answers. Professionals are especially likely to be looking for solutions to their problems online. 

When you understand who you are posting content to, you open the door to new clients. Almost 60% of LinkedIn users are between 25 and 34 years old. If you are a criminal law attorney, you might check out statistics about what kinds of law this age group needs most. 

  • What types of information are they seeking? 
  • Is their most difficult problem traffic tickets, drug-related, or domestic violence? 
  • What kind of attorney are they looking for?

Finding out what makes your client base tick gets you the click-throughs to your website looking for answers. 

In these social media posts below, we included links to our Whoosh blogs about how to market your professional services. 

What not to post on instagram

top 5 marketing strategies for professionals

Writing blogs or making podcasts that inform your audience and equip them to face their problems helps build trust and brand recognition. When you post links with properly sized professional quality images, your in-depth content presents solutions. Your potential clients connect with you through the information given away.

Network, Network, Network

Thinking about networking can make some people break out in hives. However, “LinkedIn saw a 55% increase in conversations in 2020.” (1) This data means that, even if you are more of an introvert, you can type your way into the conversation. 

Companies use LinkedIn content to engage with their professional contacts in an efficient but still effective manner. One of the best ways to reach the other businesses on LinkedIn is employee posting. Employees can engage with other employees and bring professionals to you for answers without picking up a telephone or calling a meeting. 

A quick look at my profile shows that I work at Whoosh. Anyone in my professional network of 381 individuals may easily check out Whoosh Agency.

LinkedIn Employee

With each employee that has a LinkedIn profile, consider that their contacts know what they do for a living. When they need your professional service, there is a chance they will find you through your employee. 

We Can Help

Whether you are just getting started with digital marketing or are already a pro but just don’t have time to keep up with it all, we can help your business grow. Our proven SEO techniques, used by a majority of marketing professionals, bring clients in. We have a well-established track record, including legal and medical clients across the US. Our digital marketing team would love to work with you to grow your client base too. Get in touch and find out how we can help.