Whoosh Agency

Our digital marketing services help small businesses increase revenue and brand equity so they can hire and serve more people.

Our Approach to Online Business

We focus on implementing and optimizing three areas of online business for our clients.


Online success starts with a cohesive web presence that includes an informative website and branded channels where potential clients interact with the you.


The more attention you can attract the more people you can serve. We create web traffic systems that are creatively powered by the latest marketing technologies.


Using the data, we create test cases and implement strategies meant for increasing the opportunities for prospective clients to say yes to your offers.

About Whoosh Agency


Hi, my name is Charlie Harper and I am the founder of Whoosh Agency.

I have been building websites commercially for nearly two decades and as time passed the needs of my clients changed. Email marketing, social media marketing, etc. became top of mind to business owners wanting new ways to reach their target audience online.

So my skill set adapted and met the needs of my clients. Today we serve law firms, medical practices, construction companies, non-profits and more. Reach out to me anytime, I am always happy to help. Connect with me on LinkedIn today.

What’s With the Name “Whoosh”?

Naming a business can be a very personal thing and naming Whoosh Agency is no exception. I have three beautiful sons whom I love with all my heart. With my first son, Brody, on the side of the bed, I would grab his little hands to help stand up and then gently let him back down. When doing so I would say “WHOOooossshhh”. This tradition has continued with Garrett and Reid when swinging them over my shoulder and playing. So the name is about family and the memories I will always cherish playing with my boys.

Whoosh Agency
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