No matter what your business is, creating eye-catching social media content matters. If you are just starting out creating a brand or even if you’ve had a brand for years, let’s look at the 5 biggest social media design trends for businesses in service-based industries.

TREND 1: High Style

With professional graphics and designs just a click away and easily accessible, it’s paramount to create a high level of style and competency in your social media images. With preteens creating social media graphics overlaid on video with complicated visual effects, you must up your game to stay competitive when marketing to the 35 and under crowd. Advertising that targets these groups uses eye-catching word snippets, colors, and themes. 

If you’re in the funeral business, you may not worry as much about staying current, but if you want to draw in those under the age of 35, you may consider posting more video content. With the average attention span getting shorter, you can grab the attention of the younger generations with:

  • YouTube videos that you post on every social media platform you are on
  • Facebook and Instagram Business Suite Ads targeted to your audience 
  • Facebook posts and stories
  • Short Pinterest video ads or a Pinterest board devoted to your craft
  • Instagram graphics with video 
  • TikTok shorts 

Below is an example of a graphic you could post to several different platforms as a social post or an ad.

And it’s crucial to understand that looking like a professional to the 35 and under crowd does not involve creating a slick advertisement. These individuals look for authenticity and passion behind what you do. They want to know why you work in your field and how you affect change for good in our world. The rise of the social media influencer is proof of what younger generations need to find a desire to reach out to your business.

TREND 2: Use Professional Design Platforms

Using principles of design placement and color theory in your branded content is easier than ever to achieve on your own. There are all-in-one design platforms that help you create whatever content you desire. 

Adobe Spark is one such tool and costs only around $10 per month. Canva Pro is around $12 per month. With these tools, you can create eye-catching graphics in the blink of an eye for social media. You can also create banners, story art covers, book covers, and much more with these marketing design platforms. The cost makes up for itself easily as you brand your graphics with a look and feel all your own. The images below are all made using Spark by Adobe. 

Using premade templates, you can plug in your information and look like you employ a professional graphic designer. You can do all of this without thinking twice. 

Don’t Forget to Incorporate Your Brand

A consistent brand style is always on point. However, these days it is much easier to create a brand without using marketing agencies. There are many apps you can use on a phone to design a logo and download the finished product to your computer. Premade icons and different fonts with an endless array of colors and built-in design ideas make it easy to get started branding all of your outgoing social content. 

According to 99Designs, Some apps that make the process easier include:

  • Logopit
  • Logo Maker : Design Creator by Md kamal Uddin
  • Logo Maker Shop
  • Logo Maker by Bizthug Pte

Keeping your branding and logo colors and fonts consistent can help clients immediately identify your brand when they see your content.

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TREND 3: Consider Video

Video backgrounds for an image is a new trend that is really catching on. It can be as simple as a color gradient that shimmers or leaves gently blowing in the breeze. Video evokes feelings and sensations to go with the words you’re using to catch their attention. Video can pull the eyes in while delivering your message in a way that gives back to the viewer.

For example, a post with gently moving waves may relax a person and draw their attention at the same time to your message of hope if you provide a stress-relief type of business like massage therapy or counseling. One with bright orange lightning streaks moving up and down could excite and spur someone to action, perhaps to go buy the newest styles before the sale ends. Video lets you create a sensational impact on others.

TREND 4: Know the Newest Image Trends

With social media scrolling getting faster daily, you have to grab attention to be seen. With the right social posts, you can make that happen. But what if your business post looks boring: not informative, exciting, or on-trend?

Prevent the idle scrolling by incorporating new trends such as:

  • Cartoon graphics
  • Brighter colors (see the bright orange in the first graphic below)
  • “Stickers” and real-look textures (notice the texture of the hair in the second post image below.)

You can’t go wrong using tried and true marketing ideas either

  • Word snippets that catch attention by creating unrest 
  • Create a need to know more
  • Using spot-on trends for younger generations
  • Present a solution for a common problem
  • Identify with your audience by showing how it feels to struggle with an issue that you can help with (as in the first image below).

TREND 5: Evergreen Marketing Systems

Once you’ve created marketing content graphics and posts, you’ll want to consider choosing an evergreen social media marketing post scheduler. These types of platforms send out your scheduled posts each day. Doing your own business marketing for only one business may work best with a tool like HootSuite. With this platform, you upload posts and plan which days to post them.

Evergreen marketing is the concept that a post may go out several times before you retire it to an archive. The more posts you can revolve and reuse, the less effort you must put into your everyday marketing. Instead, you set your posts weekly or monthly and then forget about it for a while. 

According to The Financial Brand, “Research proves messages are more effective when repeated. Yet financial marketers abandon their ads, slogans and brands too soon and much too often.”

Running a business is difficult enough without coming up with topics and graphics for social media posts daily. Using a system like HootSuite keeps your posts coming daily without the grind of doing that kind of work every single day.

We Can Help

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