Website Design for Small Businesses

Explore how our two decades of commercial website design experience

can transform the online presence of your business forever.


Your website is never finished. It is merely a series of infinite milestones. Most businesses undervalue and underutilize their website because they do not understand the capabilities it could afford them to give their prospects, customers, and even those inside the organization a better experience. We can help you transform your website into a virtual employee that informs, collects information, processes transactions, and facilitates communications. Learn more below.

If You Want Business Results, Then Start by Building Trust With Your Website

Consumers expectations are formed by their experience on other modern websites. Are they getting a familiar experience on your website?

Certain elements such as proof of the promises you have made to customers in the past and helpful answers to questions visitors have are just the tip of the iceberg of good user experience.

Would you buy from you online?

It’s a simple yet powerful question that can change your perspective about how your company is positioned online.

Whoosh can help your online brand meet these common expectations and build trust online.

Work With Whoosh

Overview & Pricing

This is a design and support program that will grow your online platform into its full potential by evolving and enhancing content and features over time.

Website Design Overview

A professional mobile-friendly small business website is great for content marketing, collecting information from visitors, and inter-connectivity with marketing automation technology.

Do you sell a physical or digital product or service? Perhaps an online course or e-book? E-commerce has surpassed the brick and mortar retail industry and your target customers are now versed in doing business with you online.

Get all of the lead generation and branding benefits while making your website a powerful revenue-generating income stream for your business.

Website Design Application

Managed Website Pricing

Cash flow is important to small businesses so we have an affordable 12-month term to get your professionally designed and managed marketing or e-commerce website live. After 12 months you can continue getting the same great service selecting from our ongoing support options.

  • Marketing Websites are $299 monthly for 12 months.
  • E-commerce Websites are $499 monthly for 12 months. Includes marketing website features plus e-commerce options.
  • Save 15% with annual payments.
  • 2 website support credits each month included after initial launch for feature and content updates.
  • 3rd party license costs are client-owned.
  • You own the website when the 12 month term is paid in full.
  • Copywriting assistance is available.



    Website Design Feature Available to You

    Working with Whoosh Agency gives you a war chest of capabilities from two decades of website design experience.

    Up to 10 Initial Pages

    The initial scope of work will include 10 pages for your project. After launch, we can continue to add more pages.

    Social Media Links

    Convert visitors to leads by getting into your online presence on social networks.

    Website Forms

    Collect lead generation, onboarding, human resource, and other critical business information through your site.

    Content Sliders

    Need to relay an impactful visual message covering several topics when a visitor lands on your site? This is your option.

    Mobile Friendly

    Be everywhere with everyone in your market. We strive to make sure your website is consumable on all platforms.

    Search Engine Optimization

    SEO should be part of all online presence strategies. We will configure back end requirements to optimize your website. 

    Licensed Graphics & Photography

    We do not play around with copyright issues. We only use graphics that have been purchased via our various online resources. 

    Planning & Strategy

    This should be listed first right? Don’t worry, we believe old Ben Franklin was right when he said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”


    From artists to interior designers, a gallery is a great way to show a collection of work or to share post-event fun.

    Video Embedding

    Consumers are consuming more video online than ever before. Use this feature for explainers, testimonials, and more.

    Newsletter Sign Up

    Nurture your leads and clients with email marketing. Make a compelling offer for more newsletter opt-ins.

    Google Integrations

    Track metrics with Google Analytics and let the search engine of your sitemap to crawl for updates.

    Secure VPS Hosting

    The foundation of your platform providing security, speed, and the uptime your brand needs to have a consistent online presence.

    SSL Certificate (https:)

    Modern browsers alert visitors when a website isn’t secure. We will keep a valid certificate in place for visitor peace of mind.

    Testimonial Sliders

    Social proof such as review from others who have worked you are great to share on your website, especially with headshots.

    Partner/Affilite Sliders

    Help build brand equity and trust by proudly sharing who your organization is involved with.


    Share your expertise and company updates on a blog to capture leads and share on social networks.


    Make your case on why you should be hired for a prospect’s next project with a professional portfolio.

    Pricing Tables

    Pricing information is usually the first thing a visitor looks for when searching for a solution online. Break down your offer for them.

    Google G Suite Setup

    Have a email address and access to online storage and Google’s powerful online suite of business tools.

    E-commerce Features


    Sell physical and digital products directly from your website using WooCommerce and payment gateways like Paypal or Stripe.

    Membership Website

    Are you offering coaching or an ongoing program that requires community interaction? We can help you integrate a solution.

    Client Portal

    Keep clients up to speed on the latest invoices or status on next actions or projects with a client portal.

    Up to 10 Intial Products

    Launch your online store with up to ten products ready for purchase. More can be added after launch with included ongoing support hours.

    More VPS Hosting Resources

    E-commerce can be more demanding on the server, so e-commerce websites are hosted on VPS servers with more memory and CPU resources to handle the load. 

    Sell Online Courses

    Teach the world what you know from your own learning platform. You create the content, we will help you with the techy part.

    Website Design Examples

    See examples of our website design work below.

    Click the images to visit the live website.

    Work With Whoosh

    Your website can be so much more to your business goals.

    Talk with Whoosh to learn more.

    Website Design Frequently Asked Questions

    After initial website is launched, what is included?

    You can submit unlimited front end update requests. You get 2 website support credits a month to apply feature and design changes. If you need more support in a month for time-sensitive projects, you can purchase additional credits. Copywriting and 3rd party licenses are an additional cost.

    It also includes Secure VPS Hosting, backups, back end updates, and support.

    Can I make updates to my website after launch?

    Yes! You will have editor access to your WordPress website to make content changes. Once the terms have been met, you will be granted full admin rights.

    How many websites can I build under this plan? 

    This program covers one website. An additional plan would need to be purchased for additional websites.

    What is a website support credit?

    When we receive your request we will determine the scope of your request and how many tasks there are. Each task is 1 website support credit.

    For example, you may submit a request to add a section to the home page and to use the attached content to create a new landing page. These are two tasks and one credit is required for each.


    What if I don’t have enough website support credits for the work I need done now?

    If we break your request down into multiple tasks and you do not have enough credits we will notify you to either add it to the next month’s queue or give you the option to purchase more credits for urgent requirements.

    Do my credits accumulate or roll over?

    Website support credits expire each month inside the plan. If your project requires the purchase of additional credits they will be used immediately to meet the scope demand of the project based on the request evaluation.

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