Website Design and Support

We help law firms, medical practices, and other service-based businesses create search engine friendly websites for more organic website traffic opportunities.

Even if you get a fair amount of referral business, a Google search is where your market turns when they cannot find a resource to solve their problems.

Search engines drive the highest converting website traffic online because of searcher intentions to research and solve their problems.

Website traffic opens up lead generation opportunities for your business. Whoosh will work with you to plan out and create your website’s launch content with your customers and search engines in mind.

Build Trust Through Design and User Experience

First impressions make an impact on buying decisions. Online, if you have earned someone’s precious attention, you will not have it for long if the visitor cannot immediately know your brand is a viable solution for their problems.

Our design philosophy is the combination of simplification and color for fast comprehension of the website content. On static web pages, we avoid graphical gimmicks just for the sake of doing them for less distracting user experience. Users have enough distractions on the phones, we don’t need to waste an opportunity with complicated user experience. Whoosh will professionally design your website with customer experience in mind that is fluid and engaging while also making sure that the site is fast and functionally sound.

Website Design Pricing 


WordPress Website

How We Start

Once the deposit is complete and you accept our Terms of Service, we will schedule a Site Plan Workshop with you and your team over Zoom to map out the initial 10 pages, features, and other requirements. You and your team will need to be involved in content guidance and asset sharing, at least in the beginning.


The Fine Print

  • To start, a one-time down payment of $997 is required.
  • You own the website after 12 months of payments. You will be given full administrative access after 12 months.
  • Once launched, clients have access to the website as editors for content management, etc.
  • Once the site is launched, we will work on one request at a time until complete. We reserve the right to break down a client’s request into multiple requests as needed.
  • Payments are automatically billed on the same day each month.
  • Third-party costs, such as premium WordPress plugins we carry no license for, are billed directly to clients by that vendor.

Our Website Design Process

Site Plan Workshop

We discuss goals, content, features, and other project preparation topics to move into the first phase of creating the website, copywriting. 

Create Content

  1. We collect any content you have.
  2. We create missing content and expand upon what you have provided for SEO.
  3. We get your approval to move forward into designing your website.

Create Design

  1. We create the staging website and build the WordPress foundation for content and features.
  2. We provide mockups of the home page and one interior page for revisions and then approval to build out the website for launch.


We make your new website live to the world, connect it with search engines for indexing, and more. A website is never truly finished, so after launch, we move into the ongoing support phase to help you expand it into a powerful and profitable business tool.

Attract and Collect Leads

Having a website and helpful content such as blogs, videos, and even audio gives your business the ammunition to attract attention on social media and other channels. Your website can serve as both an information collection and offer delivery tool for prospects and leads visiting your company website.

24/7 for every 365 days in a year, your website can collect leads for you to launch nurturing campaigns that keep the lead engaged with following up via multiple touchpoints. Your website is a vital part of your sales funnel.

Build an Audience with Your Content Marketing Strategy

Leverage the platform you own to share beyond your offers industry news, educational content, and company updates.

A website should act as a Sherpa guiding visitors to helpful information that is share-worthy. Your website’s blog can be subscribed to and lead the reader deeper into your marketing campaigns.

Creating this content will help attract more business and increase your search engine visibility.


Recent Projects

Sell Directly from Your Website

E-commerce has surpassed brick and mortar retail as consumers preferred method of shopping. Before someone can purchase from your brand directly you must have the right technical infrastructure in place on a website. Selling directly from your website allows you to keep more margin and stay in control of the fulfillment process. However, before someone hands over their payment details that have to trust that you’re a legit partner to do business with. This is where having a professional website with a great content framework and user experience will help your brand win over visitors shopping.

Work With Whoosh

Customers expect your company to have a website that helps them decide if you are a viable option to solve their problems. 

We will help you design a website that meets customer expectations. 

Provide Top-Quality Customer Service with Your Website

You want to serve your customers to the best as your company’s capacity will allow. A website isn’t just a tool to tell someone about your service-based organization and the products and services you offer.

A company website is also a great communications tool for announcements, frequently asked questions, knowledge bases, and can be the kickoff point for submitting support tickets.

In addition to these content features, you can add live chat to your website to support customers and to collect leads.

Find Talent and Provide Resources to Employees Through Your Website

Your website can be used to attract talent just as it can new business. Just like a sales prospect, a potential new hire will research your company to see what you are all about and to check in on the open employment opportunities you have listed. With the right forms, you can collect intake information and resumes directly through your website.

In addition to your website attracting and processing new talent, existing employees can benefit from your website’s human resource information. You can create a portal for employees only where they download files and get private access to other resources.

More Projects

Start Getting the Benefits of a Pro Website

You cannot reap the rewards of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) without a website that is designed with a content plan and technical configuration to position you against your competition. 

Don’t allow the challenges of maintaining a website

to get in the way of business opportunities.

Perhaps the Idea of Creating Website Content and Updating Your Website Seems Daunting

If you do not write or do graphic design for a living, keeping a website up to date as another item on your already long to-do list is probably the last thing you need.

This is not even taking into account the technical aspects of maintaining a professional website for your business.

You know it in your gut; it will end up costing you more in headache and time trying to do it yourself than it would have Whoosh take care of it for you.

Don’t feel bad, if we have a problem we cannot handle, we call someone else too.

You Are Probably Concerned About Investing Resources into a New Website

Your website is the foundation of your entire marketing strategy in today’s business world. It will bring in revenue for your company.

So naturally anything worth having is going to be hard to have in both time and monetary investment.

Whoosh Agency has been building websites for nearly two decades now, and we know that making terms agreeable and building a long term relationship with you is vital to both or our successes.

So your investment will be safe and you will get an ROI from the website we build and support for your business.

Are You Concerned About Website Security?

Taking security very seriously is important when you have a website that could house data, even if temporarily of your visitors and customers alike. This is why have a plan in place to keep website software and plugins up to date are very critical.

Often times, updates are for security reasons alone, much like the apps on your iPhone or Android device. In addition, knowing which foundation tools and configurations are best to keep your website secure all the way down to the webserver level is vital for your customers and brand.

We take extra steps to ensure websites do not affect another website in the hosting environment and also never host email on the same server as the website to avoid a single point of failure of two communication channels for your business. We also control access very tightly and enforce strict password and two-factor authentication policies to fight against Brute force and other bot related invasive tactics by hackers.

We take care of all of the web technology requirements so that your site is fast and secure for great user experience with your brand so that you do not have to worry about it.

Website Design Features Available to You

Working with Whoosh Agency gives you a war chest of capabilities from two decades of website design experience.

Up to 10 Initial Pages

The initial scope of work will include 10 pages for your project. After launch, we can continue to add more pages.

Social Media Links

Convert visitors to leads by getting into your online presence on social networks.

Website Forms

Collect lead generation, onboarding, human resource, and other critical business information through your site.

Content Sliders

Need to relay an impactful visual message covering several topics when a visitor lands on your site? This is your option.

Mobile Friendly

Be everywhere with everyone in your market. We strive to make sure your website is consumable on all platforms.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO should be part of all online presence strategies. We will configure back end requirements to optimize your website. 

Licensed Graphics & Photography

We do not play around with copyright issues. We only use graphics that have been purchased via our various online resources. 

Planning & Strategy

This should be listed first right? Don’t worry, we believe old Ben Franklin was right when he said: “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail.”


From artists to interior designers, a gallery is a great way to show a collection of work or to share post-event fun.

Video Embedding

Consumers are consuming more video online than ever before. Use this feature for explainers, testimonials, and more.

Newsletter Sign Up

Nurture your leads and clients with email marketing. Make a compelling offer for more newsletter opt-ins.

Google Integrations

Track metrics with Google Analytics and let the search engine of your sitemap to crawl for updates.

Secure VPS Hosting

The foundation of your platform providing security, speed, and the uptime your brand needs to have a consistent online presence.

SSL Certificate (https:)

Modern browsers alert visitors when a website isn’t secure. We will keep a valid certificate in place for visitor peace of mind.

Testimonial Sliders

Social proof such as review from others who have worked you are great to share on your website, especially with headshots.

Partner/Affilite Sliders

Help build brand equity and trust by proudly sharing who your organization is involved with.


Share your expertise and company updates on a blog to capture leads and share on social networks.


Make your case on why you should be hired for a prospect’s next project with a professional portfolio.

Pricing Tables

Pricing information is usually the first thing a visitor looks for when searching for a solution online. Break down your offer for them.

Google G Suite Setup

Have a email address and access to online storage and Google’s powerful online suite of business tools.

E-commerce Features


Sell physical and digital products directly from your website using WooCommerce and payment gateways like Paypal or Stripe.

Membership Website

Are you offering coaching or an ongoing program that requires community interaction? We can help you integrate a solution.

Client Portal

Keep clients up to speed on the latest invoices or status on next actions or projects with a client portal.

Up to 10 Intial Products

Launch your online store with up to ten products ready for purchase. More can be added after launch with included ongoing support up to 25 products.

More VPS Hosting Resources

E-commerce can be more demanding on the server, so e-commerce websites are hosted on VPS servers with more memory and CPU resources to handle the load. 

Sell Online Courses

Teach the world what you know from your own learning platform. You create the content, we will help you with the techy part.

Work With Whoosh

We have a vested interest in making your website design project a success beyond compensation.

It may sound cliche to say, but your success is our success. We have clients that found us through the website project that we did with another client’s company that they personally knew. We end up having clusters of clients that know and help each other and it’s amazing to be a part of.

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