Inbound Marketing Campaigns

We attract new business while working to grow revenue from existing clients and strategic partnerships. We serve our clients as if their business is our own, acting as your external marketing department. We start with the end in mind developing multiple interconnected inbound marketing campaigns to reach defined goals.

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What is the ROI of Inbound Marketing?

We know from experience that a band-aid strategy of a few posts on social media and inconsistent messaging will not lead to measurable results. Marketing is most effective as a system made up of many strategies, tactics, and channels that work in concert together.

  • Sales
  • Leads
  • Brand Equity
  • Competitive Positioning
  • Growing Email Database
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Improved Brand Experience
  • Improved SEO

Below are services we integrate to help you grow. 


Your purpose is achievable with planning. We have a proven model adaptable to your objectives.


Catch prospect eyes with creative and convincing content that serves the marketing system.

Social Media Management

Social channels will grow your brand awareness beyond referrals and attract targeted traffic into conversion funnels.

Digital PR

Reputation and people bring opportunities. We use creative tactics to engage the community and potential partners.

Email Marketing

Convert new and grow existing business by staying relvant with email marketing.

Social Advertising

Facebook advertising and other social platforms have powerful audience targeting features to take advantage of.

Search Advertising

Google Adwords and Bing are powerful traffic driving platforms that pull in searchers with the intent on finding the solutions you provide.


Let’s get creepy and not let web traffic go to waste. We run advertising campaigns against visitors of your website to bring them back.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

People research before they buy. SEO, or organic traffic, is money you do not have spend in PPC.

Website Conversion Optimization

We work hard to get traffic to your platform, so we want campaign transactions to happen. This requires optimization testing to increase conversions.

Analytics & Reporting

The advantage of digital marketing is that we do not have to fly blind to how the market is responding and we can aswer back to their interactions with data.

Monthly Client Meeting

Open communication in any relationship is the cornerstone of success. We are all busy, but this investment demands time carved out for alignment.
“Whoosh Agency’s work is top quality. Charlie Harper is a pleasure to work with and brings tremendous value without causing us more work or costing us a fortune. Even when we don’t understand all of the technical content involved, we trust Whoosh Agency because they do not pretend $5 dollar tasks are worth $100k–as other companies we’ve interviewed have. “ Janet Johnson, Ph.D.

CEO, Edstar Analytics

“I have worked with Charlie on several accounts, including two of my own and I am very impressed with his grasp of the total marketing landscape and his ability to effectively communicate strategies and actions to make a business successful. Charlie really understands how to turn content into community and he has no market limitation as his process is universal.” Brad Lienhardt

Co-Founder & Investor, EntreDot

E-Commerce Web Design & Management

Need an inbound marketing website for lead generation and sales transactions? We have been building sites for over 17 years and provide a fully managed experience.
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People research online before they do nearly anything. This fact alone answers the question “Do I need a website?” clearly. Content alone, however, is just the beginning of the impact this virtual employee can have for your organization.

  • It ties into your social and search advertising strategy.
  • It can collect lead information for immediate contacts and nurturing campaigns.
  • It empowers visitors to share your brand on social media and other channels.
  • It can deflect support request volume.
  • You can sell products, services, subscriptions, and event registrations.
  • Build an online community.
  • And more…

 Whoosh Agency offers professional inbound marketing and e-commerce websites that are built to give the best possible brand experience. We design conversion funnels and ensure transactions are seamless to the end user and your integrated marketing systems.

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Filter Your Ideas Through Our Experience
You want to manage your business growth on your own, but do you have the capacity to execute without a strategy or full capability? We can ramp you up with knowledge derived from experience and the marketing technology integrations you need to run your digital marketing in-house.
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Get answers to the questions you don’t even know you should be asking yet. Have a professional strategy and plan to execute on.

Professional Development Workshops

Learn the latest strategies, tools, gear, and tactics in digital marketing to empower your in-house marketing resources.

Pick Our Brain Sessions

A shortcut is valuable when you have burning questions about digital marketing and sales that you need answering to grow your business. Purchase a strategy session to avoid wasting resources and start leading your business in the right direction.

In the hour of a remote video conference we will answer your questions, address the right marketing technology, creative, and other resources to get you started towards driving your own marketing plan.

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