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Marketing Strategy & Planning

If you are here you likely have a long list of goals that affect the bottom line you want to accomplish. We will work closely with your organization to define goals and build a roadmap to your unique definition of success.

  • Offer Ladder – Ultimately we want to drive sales, so we need to know what we are selling and how it benefits your company. We will identify what offers can become a foot in the door and up-sell opportunities.
  • Marketing Roadmap – We will take what we learn about your business combined with the services you’ve signed up to create a plan to reach agreed upon KPI’s.

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Automated Performance Reports

We all want to be on the same page with data analysis. We will set up the advertising platforms, Google Analytics, and other reporting tools to send weekly reports.

Monthly Marketing Consultation

Every business must set aside time for strategy and planning to make marketing campaigns successful. We will discuss progress and possibilities. The one-hour sessions are meant to be productive and educational with an expert in digital marketing.

  • Video Conferencing – We use Zoom for our meetings where we can video conference and share screens with many participants.

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Social Media Marketing

Your business should be taking advantage of marketing on social media for several beneficial reasons such as brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and promoting your products and/or services.

  • Social Media Strategy – Not every business is the same, so we develop a strategy unique to your business.
  • Social Networks – We will bring your brand alive where your audience is using platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter.
  • Social Advertising – Get your offers in front of a targeted audience using our managed PPC services. (PPC budget required or you can opt out of this feature)
  • Licensed Media – A great image goes a long way as people scroll through their news feed. We have you covered.

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Email Marketing

The company biggest database list survives, thrives, and lives through economic downturns. Email marketing is a powerful marketing channel that from the solopreneur to seasoned businesses cannot ignore. Drive web traffic and create new opportunities with an audience that is already part of your audience.

  • Monthly Newsletter – Hitting your list with content, promotions, PR worthy updates and more on a consistent monthly basis is key to staying top of mind with current clients and also those who have opted in, but aren’t completely sold on your solution yet.
  • Email Blasts – Once or twice a month you may want to hit your email list with a seasonal or special announcement that with a single focus and call to action.

Upgrade your email marketing: Add the “CRM & Marketing Automation (5k contacts)” upgrade to beef your email marketing game up to the next level with Remarketing campaigns. Leverage remarketing for existing customers and different funnel entry points with different messaging to create powerful messaging that stays contextual to leads.

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Marketing Funnels

A digital marketing funnel is a set of steps a prospect or website visitor goes through to get them to say yes to an offer otherwise known as a conversion. Buyers today are 75% to 100% informed on a solution to their problem before they even talk to anyone at a company to make a purchasing decision to solve it. A marketing funnel helps your brand be key in their resolution discovery process.

When combining online advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, your website, landing pages, and more we are able to create more complex marketing systems that nurture and inform visitors over time.

  • Marketing Funnel Plan – When creating a marketing system we must first define our objectives and assess what we need to create in order to get a conversion. For example, one marketing funnel may be for non-monetary transactions such as building your email list.
  • Create the Offer – With our plan in place, we can now create the engine. The engine can be made up many parts including landing pages, drip email sequences, marketing automation and more in order to lead a visitor to our desired outcome.
  • Build the Promotion Plan – With our assets in place, we know where we can direct advertising, social media, website optimizations, and more towards the objectives.
  • Launch and Optimize – Once a funnel is live it can live on forever, but like a farmer, we must tend the land to keep it fertile. Using conversion rate optimization best practices such as split testing and applying data analysis we can make the funnels more effective.

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Content Marketing

Content that shows your expertise and solves problems for the reader fuels organic marketing channels like SEO while also giving paid channels a foot in the door opportunity to get a potential buyer to your website.

  • Blog Articles – There are many benefits to blogging such as increasing search engine web traffic, showing thought leadership in an industry that helps future buyers, and it gives a brand a reason to be on social media that isn’t just about sales. We will create, publish, and promote two 1500 word articles a month for your brand. We have found that shorter articles do not do as well on SEO or in engagement.
  • Lead Magnets – Lead magnets are a great way to get more email subscribers and fill your inbound marketing pipeline. The content is tailored to solve a potential buyer’s problem and to get them to make a microtransaction with your brand.
  • Content Calendar – We like to use the hub n spoke strategy around a single problem your buyer personas have. This helps fill out a calendar of good SEO rich content to be used over a long period of time.
  • Content Distribution – Getting your content out into the world is as big a part of content marketing as creating the content itself. We will develop a promotional plan that keeps new traffic coming to your content.
  • Content Repurposing – A great piece of content can be combined with other content or broken down into smaller chunks. All with the goal of getting more web traffic to your website and ultimately to your offers.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the holy grail of web traffic as it leverages the content and configuration on your website and the relationships with other websites to send “free” website traffic to your site.

  • Keyword Research and Analysis – It is critical that the chosen keywords to optimize for are tied to web traffic that would have intentions to be in the market for your offer. We also want to be sure that other factors such as volume and competition are in line with goals.
  • Local Search Optimization – Is your business correctly aligned with Google’s tools for localization? What about other local search directories and more. We will evaluate where you stand and optimize your local links and presence.
  • On Page SEO – There are many technical and non-technical factors that go into optimizing a page for search engines. We will use SEO copywriting and page structure best practices to give you the best shot at returning good organic web traffic.
  • SEO Monitoring and Reviews – Once started and an initial review to set a baseline is done, we closely track the progress of our efforts and have tools that let us know about new opportunities to bring into our plan.
  • Review Solicitation Campaigns – Online reviews, especially ones on Google, are a factor in how well you rank in search results. We will craft communication campaigns with your clients to maximize as many positive reviews as we can get.

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Upgrade: CRM & Marketing Automation (5k contacts)

Next, to your website, a CRM with Marketing automation is the most important digital asset a business can have in its toolbox. Like your website, it can enhance communication with existing and future clients of your business.

  • Unlimited Sending – Never run into limits on how many emails you can send each month.
  • Marketing Automation – We will work with you to deepen your marketing funnels with more powerful email marketing campaigns that keep your offers top of mind.
  • 5k Contacts – Start growing and segmenting a substantial list with your digital marketing funnels.
  • CRM with Sales Automation – Keep track of prospects and current clients using deal management pipelines, lead and contact scoring, tasks, reminders, etc. You can communicate via email straight from the platform.
  • Up to 25 Users – Get your entire team onboard and using the platform for continuity.
  • Software Integrations – Connect your email, accounting, form solutions and more to your database.
  • Training & Support – From integration to optimization we have you covered to get the most use out of this critical business tool.
  • Go Beyond Marketing – Use your new automation tool for internal training and team communication.

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Upgrade: Video Marketing

The impact video is having on online business is significant. A video can slow visitors down on a web page to help bounce rate, which in turn helps SEO. You can leverage video to humanize your brand over the Internet so that once you have a prospect’s attention you can maximize your opportunity to move them further into your marketing funnel.

  • Social Media Video – Video on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin is becoming a required content type for brands. We will help develop a video content strategy for social and how we can tie it in with the rest of your marketing funnels.
  • Youtube Channel Videos – Growing an audience isn’t easy, but it is possible. There are benefits to being on Youtube beyond becoming a superstar. Its the second largest search engine in the world as of the time we are writing this service description. Placing relevant content with links back to your website will help your efforts with Google’s SERP results when people are searching for a solution. Google owns Youtube, so naturally, they will put Youtube videos that are relevant in the Google search results.
  • Website Videos – Your homepage, blog posts, and other pages will benefit greatly from having a different media type on the page. It improves the visitor’s experience that found you and shows search engines that your content has depth and appeal.
  • Video Shoots – We will do 1 to 2 shoots a quarter with your business. Batching video recording is the most efficient way to approach production. During these sessions, we will record enough content to promote and repurpose over an agreed upon amount of time before the next recording session.
  • Video Post Production – We have to get rid of all those takes right? 😛 We will shine the videos up, adding graphics, and everything it needs to make it pop.
  • Video Promotion – What good is your snazzy new video if nobody knows about it? We will develop marketing plans in the same way we approach other content marketing digital assets.

* We will come to you, but travel expense may apply if beyond a 100-mile round trip radius of our office. We are not saying we will not serve you. You just deserve the transparent heads up. 😉

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How long does it take to be marketing once we sign up?

Onboarding and account setup can take between 2-4 weeks depending on your project.

How much PPC Budget to I need to account for every month? 

We recommend you spend $20 a day on PPC budget. But ultimately, you tell us what you can afford and we will craft a plan around that. 

Are there any expenses not covered in your packages?

Whoosh Agency package pricing does not cover 3rd party solutions. We help find, setup, integrate, and manage 3rd party marketing technology solutions to enhance your digital sales and marketing systems. Clients are directly billed by 3rd parties for any software licensing, advertising budgets, email etc.

Do we own what Whoosh Agency creates?

You own what we do after six consecutive months of service. You can move your website, get landing pages, and take control of any accounts we’ve created. We hope you won’t leave us, but under no circumstances will you not get 100% access to our work on your behalf as long as these terms are met.

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